Since February’s crash in the cryptocurrency markets, leveraged trading has been an unacceptably risky game.

If you are currently hodling Bitcoin, we think you are in good shape and likely to see significant profits if you have a longer time horizon – but this is not a time to play with leverage.

If you’re an Xbit investor, you’re probably aware Xbit increases the number of Bitcoin investors own by swing trading perpetual contracts, using deposited bitcoin as collateral.

As we’ve published before, we must establish a clear bull or bear trend before turning Xbit AI on. Our ultimate aim is preservation of assets and we only risk capital when the odds are clearly in our favour.

Having said that, volatility has reduced greatly and the probability of entering new trades appears to be quickly approaching.

We’ve been looking specifically at the daily chart. We like the wedge pattern that’s currently forming. We expect some active over the next week or two.