How to use PLUSQO AI

Create an account

To start using PLUSQO AI Trader, please create an account and log in.

Deposit bitcoins

After logging in click "DEPOSIT" to show you where to deposit funds. 

Bitcoins operation START

Enter the amount of BTC you wish to deposit in "START TRADE," and click "START."*Minimum amount: 0.0025BTC

AI executes your trades automatically.

Your available bitcoins are displayed in "Running Bitcoin." This is updated automatically.

You can STOP trading or withdraw funds at any time.

You can stop trading at any time by clicking "STOP TRADE" and withdraw funds by clicking "WITHDRAW". *Withdrawal fee: 0.001BTC

  • Please note, PLUSQO AI Trade does not guarantee you will make a profit.
  • If you lose money through automated trading, your funds available may fall below your BTC principal amount.
  • We charge a 30% monthly commission on automated trading profits.

Why choose PLUSQO AI Trader?

Highly secure

We have partnered with BitGo to protect and safeguard your virtual currency assets. BitGo is funded by Goldman Sachs and is CCSS Level 3 and SOC2 compliant.

Estonia Financial License

We are licensed to operate an exchange (FRK000664) and a Bitcoin wallet (FVR000764) by the Estonian financial authorities.

Strong track record

Profit growth track record of around 18% up to June 2020. We utilized AI successfully to avoid large-scale losses during the BTC crash in March 2020.

No restriction period on operating funds.

PLUSQO AI Trader has no restriction period on the funds in your account, so you can withdraw BTC as and when you like.

Credit card payments

If you do not have any BTC to trade with, you can buy them through PLUSQO AI Trader with a credit card and use them straightaway.

Multilingual support

Support for PLUSQO AI Trader is available in various languages, including Japanese, English and Chinese. Please feel free to contact us.

AI Trader operating logic

PLUSQO AI Trader is an automated trend following trading system.
We are focused primarily on the analysis of mid- to long-term trends in the BTC/USD market.
We aim to utilize leverage trading to generate Bitcoin growth based on our assessment of market trends.

1. Insight into medium- to long-term trends

We use deep learning capabilities to assess medium term trends, based on eight years' worth of detailed big data.

2. Sophisticated modelling to predict prices

We utilize proprietary logic to predict price fluctuations in the BTC/USD market up to 1-2 months ahead based on deep learning analysis.

3. Constant risk assessment

We carry out risk assessments of current price levels and set out acceptable trading parameters for total assets invested.

4. Identification of optimal entry points

Our system utilizes fundamental patterns defined by AI to work out optimal entry points in accordance with medium-term trends.

5. Trade execution

The trade is executed as soon as PLUSQO AI Trade identifies the optimal timing for entry.

6. Overshoot detection

Once the trade is placed, the system looks out for excessive price levels and abnormal price movements.

7. Closing out positions

If the system detects an overshoot in the market, it will close open positions, either all at once or in stages.

8. Repeat trades

After a position is closed, the system waits for the optimal opportunity to re-enter the trade. We use proprietary logic optimization every time.

News and Information

system operation statistical information(As of June 9, 2020)

  • Increase Number of Bitcoins : +128.98% (From January 26, 2020)
  • Annualized Earnings in USD : +189.98% (From January 26, 2020)
  • Funds Under Management : 867 BTC (Include 3 OEM supply)
  • Bitcoin Mid-Term Trend : Bullish (10-30 Days)
  • Bitcoin Long-Term Trend : Bullish (1-3 Years)


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